Hyun Bin was raised up in an orphanage before becoming part of a group of poor children that were abused into begging on trains in exchange for shelter. Hyun Bin, was known as Frog when she was a child who met and bonded with Pig, her adopted brother.

One day, Frog and Pig were robbed of their earnings by an underling of Dog after their errands leaving them to be punished to sleep outside in the cold. That week, Pig had caught a fever which left Hyun Bin no choice but to beg Crazy Dog to only punish her instead yet the leader refused, causing Pig to die from his fever and the next morning his body was taken away to be thrown into the river. This traumatised Hyun Bin for life, burying it deep inside her.

A few days after the incident,  Frog was selling gum as usual on the trains before two men defended her against the same man who robbed off her and Pig. The two men worked for a rich gentlemen who wanted a male bodyguard suitable for his grandaugher and were told to find a child of similar age, therefore taking Hyun Bin to the mansion.


As noticed by Yae-Ha's grandfather, 7 year old Hyun-Bin was exceptionally going to be a very beautiful woman, with brown hair and green eyes if she had not been disguised as a boy.

Spoilers Edit

As you may all know, she has had romantic feelings for Yun-Ha but soon develops romantic feelings for B-Rak after being told to go away from home. She & Bi-Rak got married on the same day where Bi-Rak was dying, singing and smiling for the very last time to Hyun-Bin.

She is later hypnotized by her adopted mother and her name is changed to Suh-Hyun-Ryu and her vocal cords were fixed and she gets a nose job so that no one will ever recognize her. As she does not know that she is in fact Suh-Hyun-Bin (as her mother hides that from her) Yun-Ha and Yae-Ha find out that she is definently their Hyun-Bin.

Not ever knowing she's female but of the very close bond they all share with Hyun-Bin, they figure out that it is her but she continuously denies it not knowing she is Hyun-Bin herself. She later gains her memories. One rainy day, Yae-Ha's grandfather finds out that Yun-Ha (Yae-Ha's fiance by an arranged marriage) falls in love with Hyun-Bin to the grandfather's unliking. He sends people to kill her to get her away from Yun-Ha. As the grandfather ordered, Hyun-Bin & Yun-Ha gets beaten and leaves Hyun-Bin into a coma.

Yun-Ha wakes up in the hospital in a panic to find Hyun-Bin who is in a coma. She later regains consciousness by the spirit of Bi-Rak guiding her to the light. Her and Yun-Ha later get married and has 4 children together.

Hyun bin and Yun ha's 4 children

In the last chapter, It is seen as it is Spring's 18th Birthday (One of Hyun-Bin & Yun-Ha's children). Spring is given a present, once a present from Bi-Rak to Hyun-Bin, A special star necklace. As Spring plays with her friends, she accidentally drops her necklace and to our surprise, It was Bi-Rak's son picking it up and handing it back. Leaving us to see a blooming romance between those two.


Bi rak's son giving Hyun bin's daughter back her dropped necklace.

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